Stock selection strategy

In the long run have returns of equity investments compared proved to be higher with other systems. Many stock investors can suffer avoidable loss of profits again and again because they sell in “bearish” market hours panic facilities or lack of analyzing one’s own mistakes this several times. Investor shares can be anyone who is willing to learn. Who be a good investor wants should stick to some tried and true rules of the game. That makes one share Investor successful:

  • Stock selection strategy

Promising is an investment strategy that can be this is a great review for all plus500 users made clear in a few key figures. The stock should have a high dividend yield recorded, which is continuously paid. The asset quality of a company (equity ratio, leverage ratio) to be right. It is also important where the stock company’s turnover and profit making. Ultimately, the current and future earnings performance is a criterion for the purchase of shares.

  • buy stocks when the market panic reigns

On the stock market  , it goes up and down known. Striking slumps on the stock markets, there were among others in 1987, 2000 or 2008 stock market indices have recovered and reached new all-time highs in the sequence. Whenever makes on the stock markets negative mood wide and falling stock prices , few investors despite ideal buying opportunities for stock purchase ready. Who has the courage in these times and to invest in time, does not regret the most.

  • Learn from your mistakes

Every investor must be willing to analyze his decisions and possible errors. Who the negative consequences of certain investment decisions ignored and simply continued to invest without analysis, will make old mistakes again. Every mistake costs money and is detrimental to the overall return.

  • ignore market volatility

Many investors want to see rising prices constantly Kurzeitverluste you dislike. If there is a correction in the stock market, they sell shares. It would be wiser to the volatility in the markets to ignore. After a correction in the stock market the truth about etoro by no means implies a permanent loss. Therefore, the investor should not panic and take advantage of the low market prices for purchse.


Traffic free with DEGIRO ETFs

A successful share investor must not achieve above-average results as the stock market gurus. With share knowledge, perseverance and a good custodian providers you will achieve great results. Broker as DEGIRO ( ” Best Trading Broker “) with order fees of little over 2 euros offer the opportunity to be in some investments investor and other traders.

If you invest in stocks, this happens not only in compliance with a longer-term horizon, but you go otherwise serve up some things as it makes a trader. As an investor, you are concerned with the key figures of the joint stock company whose this is why the Ethereum Code still works in 2018 shares you intend to buy in the stock market. They form an opinion about the company, its value and about the products . Before investing look at criteria such as profitability, equity, debt, the market position and future prospects closely.

A long-term share buyers differs from traders not only in the selection and installation period of the shares. Rather, different plays in the strategies involved when the purchase or sale takes place. If you are really geared very long term, you can join at any time the share investment. A stock will benefit from the long-term growth trend of the economy and businesses. This is true in the presence of a strong brand and compelling products.



Do you want to multiply on the stock exchange its own capital, you need to position yourself. This means you need to be over the horizon clear about where you want to create. Do you want to be an investor or trader / speculator? The long-term “value investing” and day trading are two methods with different criteria that match the respective time horizon. As a beginner, you do not want to start as a day trader with stock trading, because this investment approach is too short you and too risky. However, lurks on the other side Problem.

  • Here’s an example of what happens when investing. Since the investor makes, for example, to invest in the long term. The price of a “for years” purchased shares comes after a few days due to some market news under pressure, losing 100% proof – Make money with IQ Option for example, 10 percent. Suddenly, that is investment strategy questioned and possibly thrown overboard. Ultimately, the pressure is so great and by the media that the shares sold off the planned time horizon.

Trade has in combination with a conservative Depot for an investor benefits. This is especially true when running downwards Mark phases or negative news , for example, economic data or political crises. As a long-term investor , you can sit out these situations. Alternatively, you can use these situations to trade and hedge your investment portfolio or are currently on a downward trend values, for example, futures or bonus certificates. Thus, the leaves performance of the portfolio increase despite weakening financial markets.

If you invest in stocks, do not think solely in decades, but not also exclude a range of a few months. A favorite of you at the start of long-term method no advantage to you if it is not complied with or can be. You can find more on the exchanges phases (1 to 4), which they can use for profits per year.

Bitcoin Code – I can not remember it

As currency thought, but used to speculate above all, the Bitcoin-altitude flight is the original purpose of the crypto money in the way. As payment he is however, hardly suitable. Dealer draw the consequences already.

“I can not remember when the last customer has paid with Bitcoin,” says Niels Göttsch. The owner of the coffee bar phosphor in BerlinNeukölln is far from being the only store operators, which it goes like this. Although Bitcoin established in Bitcoin Code the financial world and hurries from one record high to the next. Since the beginning of the course of 1000 has risen to temporarily over 20,000 dollars. But this success leads to a dilemma.

After all, what was intended as digital currency threatens to become pure speculation. To pay suitable Bitcoin thereby only partly. Extreme price fluctuations are uncomfortable for shop owners and online retailers – prices must be constantly adjusted. And who wants to spend money that does not have a stable value and invites rather to speculate on price gains?

Nobody uses Bitcoin Code more to the numbers

In Berlin, where offer more and more hip cafes and start ups Bitcoin payments for years, the problem is already making noticeable. Initially, there had been about ten Bitcoin payments per year at least, says coffee bar owners Göttsch. Meanwhile, the transactions were all but dried up. “Employees already forgotten how that works with the Bitcoin acceptance at all.”

The Berlin pastry Engelmann gets lately Bitcoin no longer requests. There had been problems repeatedly says owner Michael Engelmann. For example, customers accidentally had twice transferred the money, because they were not sure whether the transactions real user reviews for the bitcoin code system have actually occurred. Here Bitcoin seemed for a while as a payment method on the rise.

abolished because of “low demand” again

In the US, major corporations such as Dell, led Expediaor Microsoft crypto currency already in 2014 a payment option. Also Ebay flirted time with it. How does it look today? Computer giant Dell has abolished Bitcoin payments due to “low demand” again. Ebay is Bitcoin Code enveloped about Bitcoin plans in silence, even ex-daughter Paypalgives no information about crypto experiments. Microsoft will also not comment on his Bitcoin experiences.

Return despite Mini interest?

Our PDF guideshows you the best investment strategies and analysis tricks that you make in the stock market right money.

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The online travel agency Expedia accepted Bitcoin Although still – but still only with hotel bookings on the US site. To start over three years ago it had been called, the offer will be extended if it arrive well with customers. After all: According to a spokeswoman, the transaction volume has doubled in the last ten months. Concrete figures, however, she did not call.

Nearly 20 Dollar Fees per payment process

In early December even saw the online computer game retailer Steamdespite his cyber-enthusiastic clientele forced to stop Bitcoin acceptance. The fees have increased rapidly – from initially 20 cents per transaction to last almost 20 dollars. Add to this the enormous fluctuations in value. “If the transaction is not completed on time, the amount required for payment can change,” it says at the online retailer.

nevertheless the leading Bitcoin payment processor Bitpay draws a positive conclusion for 2017. “Anyone who does not live under a rock, will have seen that the daily transaction level has reached new highs this year,” it says of the company from Atlanta. They had first made payments of more than a billion dollars, the growth amounts to 330 percent over the year.

Even when Bitcoin cash it does not look better

This sounds strong but faded in relation to the Bitcoin price rise, which was in the same period in the peak at more than 2,000 percent. And in terms of e-commerce market as a whole, the volume is rather modest. For comparison: Alone in the price battle “Cyber ​​Monday” was spent on the Internet more than six billion dollars – in one day and only in the US.

The Bitcoin community is well aware that the collection by speculators can harm their goal of a free currency, the dollar or the euro could compete. Not least in order to facilitate transactions and to oppose the Zockerei something was cleaved what are we testing from Bitcoin in August after long wrangling in the community of Bitcoin Cash.

Since the course is but explodes again. And the attempt of the trading platform Coinbase to take Bitcoin Cash has only led to further turmoil – the hype about crypto money seems just too big to keep out speculators.

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